A puppy’s tale of his adventure through the woods, 
learning valuable life lessons: trusting his heart, having great faith, 
and believing anything is possible.

Buddy's Magic Window is an enchanting tale about the lessons learned by a 
little golden puppy who gets lost in a foggy forest... and has a magical adventure. 
To find his way home, Buddy must learn to believe and trust in himself.  As he wanders through the woods, the lovable pup is helped by some of the strange animals who live there.  When a wise owl unlocks the power of a Magic Window, Buddy must find it to return to his family.  

Explore the forest with Buddy as he bravely journeys through the woods, 
makes animal friends, and searches for his way home. 
Dennis Glennon Photography
205 Larch Lane 
Mahwah, N.J. 07430


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