Dennis Glennon graduated from Rutgers University, earning a degree in Economics & Labor Relations with a concentration in Labor Law. After getting a formal education, he held what he describes as:  "a host of unsatisfactory jobs with an abundance of corporate politics that I could not tolerate."  He started taking pictures as a way to relieve stress.  His hobby soon became an obsession.

Everything about the experience of outdoor photography engaged him. It was, to him, "the ultimate experience".  Dennis had a natural ability to see images where others saw the ordinary and he wanted to use his talents in a place of exceptional beauty.

In 1994 Dennis took his first trip to Alaska.  It took nine hours to fly from New Jersey to get to the awe-inspiring destination, and when he got off the plane, he felt like he'd arrived in another world entirely. Dennis immediately fell in love with Alaska. The grand landscapes, endless mountain ranges, and unlimited wildlife of the spectacular region were a feast for the eyes. To him, Alaska was the most beautiful place on Earth. 

Dennis returned home three weeks later with hundreds of photographs, many of which were, simply, outstanding. Excited about his images, he showed them to friends, family, and acquaintances, never going anywhere without a portfolio he created.  Dennis would carry his collection into frame shops, bakeries, art stores, the local dry cleaner's, his barber shop, restaurants... any place Dennis went, his book of photographs went too, and he would open it up with great enthusiasm and ask people for their opinion of his work.

Dennis was surprised at the unexpected reception his images received. People gasped, struck by the beauty of his photographs, astounded that the person before them was the photographer who'd produced them.
"YOU  took that???"  they would exclaim incredulously.

What was even more surprising to Dennis was their desire to purchase his images.  He had not offered his photographs for sale.  He'd only wanted to show others his images and get their reactions.  The requests to actually own his pictures was inspiring.  It was all the encouragement Dennis needed to take photography seriously.  What was considered a hobby and a passion now would become his life's work.

Dennis spent the next two years learning everything he could about photography; specifically the art of photographing wildlife and nature.  With the guidance and encouragement of some established professional photographers in those fields, Dennis fervently pursued his dream.  He joined a local photography group, entered (and won) numerous photo contests, and read everything he could get his hands on about the craft. He worked three jobs to be able to support his 'photography habit', and when time and finances permitted, he would drive to far-off destinations to photograph, sleeping in his car on these photo trips, and doing whatever it took to get great images.  Dennis was intensely determined to be of the caliber his mentors were.

One way to do this is to be gifted with an 'eye' for a great composition, which Dennis certainly was, but he knew he also needed time "out in the field" to get the quality images he desired, so he saved every cent he could and planned an extensive photography excursion; one that would last seven months.  In the spring of '97, Dennis left his home in New Jersey and headed back to Alaska, this time driving there in his Isuzu Trooper.  He took with him seven-hundred rolls of film, ten gallons of extra fuel, two new spare tires, a large cooler filled with food, bottled water, and all the necessary camping gear. The places he visited, the photographic results of that trip, and some stories about his adventures 'living on the land' appear on this website in his Travel Journal.

Dennis Glennon has come a long way since then.  Besides seeing and photographing Alaska, he has visited and photographed many of America's National Parks, traveling mostly within the lower 48 states. Some of his photo expeditions include The Black Hills of South Dakota, Yellowstone National Park, The Grand Tetons, Acadia National Park, The Great Smoky Mountains, Baxter State Park, New England; with a focus on Maine, Vermont & New Hampshire, The Badlands, and the Canadian Rockies.

His dramatic composition, creative use of light, and patience to wait for the perfect moment, enable him to capture truly exceptional images; photographs that cause professionals to inquire who is producing such outstanding work. He has photographed with, and earned the respect of professional photographers Gil Lopez Espina, Joe McDonald, John Shaw, Carl Samms, and Tom Mangelsen.

Now, as an award-winning professional photographer himself, Dennis holds lectures about his work, judges formal photography competitions, and participates in various Fine Art Shows throughout the East Coast.  He has been requested by the International Library of Photography to join their Advisory Board and Judges Panel, and been requested to speak as a guest teacher at New York City's School of Visual Arts, where he's shown slides of his work and taught outdoor photography techniques.

Dennis has been a frequent speaker and lecturer at Barnes & Noble book store, where they proudly display his work. His images have been on special exhibit and he has held presentations for Barnes & Noble on Outdoor Photography, The Passion of Photography, and Adventure Travel.

He's held a private photo exhibit and slideshow for the Boy Scouts of America on 'Wild Animals', where he spoke about safety in the outdoors, respect for our wildlife, and the importance of preserving our lands. Dennis has also volunteered his time, talent and printwork to the American Red Cross Young Mothers Program, and the New Jersey Symphony Orchestra's Children's Enrichment Program.

The Dogs
In 1999, Dennis applied his expertise in both wildlife and nature photography to photograph his dog Rachel, a retriever who he'd almost lost due to a rare bone deformity.  Affected by the ordeal, he wanted to capture the glory of her spirit on film forever, and once she recovered from surgery, this is exactly what he did.  Using natural lighting in outdoor settings, he surprised everyone, including himself, with images that were distinctly more beautiful than anyone expected.

Encouraged by the results, Dennis began photographing other dogs, all in natural environments. The combination of location, lighting, subject matter, and skill produced powerful images, ones that evoked emotion as well as awe. The photographs Dennis created not only conveyed the personality of a particular dog, but captured the spirit of its breed as well. Dennis's unique images were well received, his talent in demand, and his calling clear. Dennis began to specialize in natural dog portrait work.

Sadly, Dennis lost Rachel to bone cancer a year later.  Inspired by 'Portrait of a Woodsy Chessie', one of Dennis's original photographs of this special dog, artist William R. Caso produced "Rachel Remembered", a painted portrait in oil.  Later that same year, an original dog portrait of Dennis's became the inspiration for Workin'; the official American Chesapeake Club Year 2000 National Specialty Print.  The admiration of his unique dog photographic work by artists using other mediums only confirmed in his heart what Dennis was meant to do.

Dennis started by volunteering his time and talent to photograph Therapy Dogs for Delta Society Pet Partners.  He then held Private Photo Sessions with dog owners and breeders and attended a variety of dog-related events as both a photographer and teacher.  He has appeared as a guest speaker at the Ramapo Mountains Kennel Club, among other clubs for canine enthusiasts, where he's given presentations and instruction on "Photographing Dogs".  Dennis has written numerous articles on photography and the art and technique of photographing dogs.

In 2002, Camino Books published Chesapeake Bay Retriever Champions, using Dennis Glennon's magnificent 'Sedge Huntress, Blue Water'  photograph as it's cover image.  The model was Rachel's sister,  Silvercreek's
I Dream of Jeannie.  Dennis's instructional article "Capturing the Spirit of the Chesapeake Bay Retriever in Photographs" is also printed in the book, as well as a variety of his extraordinary dog images.  All images in his formal collection can be found produced as prints for purchase on this website in the Image Gallery.

Passionate about animals and nature, Dennis Glennon gives a portion of every print purchase to environmental and wildlife preservation causes, as well as to a variety of animal welfare and rescue organizations.  Dennis also holds Charity Auctions offering specially formatted prints and donates all proceeds to the specific animal charities indicated.  In addition, Dennis donates his work to canine rescue groups for their fundraisers, and has volunteered to photograph rescued dogs in hopes of finding these precious pups happy, loving homes.

Dennis Glennon is also a member of the following organizations:

  North American Nature Photographers Association (NANPA)

  National Wildlife Federation

  The Teaming With Wildlife Coalition

  Wilderness Society

  Sierra Club

  Audubon Society

  Nature Conservancy

  American Chesapeake Club

  Ramapo Kennel Club

  Ducks Unlimited

The Art
Dennis uses little computer enhancement, manipulation, or alteration process on his images.  He wants viewers of his work to see exactly what he did when he took the picture. His work is an honest reflection of nature and wildlife, and his incredible dog and puppy images convey the magnificence and grace of individual dogs and their breeds.

Dennis has proved himself a master at inspiring emotion through photography. His images are exciting, soothing, and evocative. The richness of the scenes he photographs, their vivid detail, and the expressions of the animals appeal to everyone, as all people delight in the stunning beauty of Nature.

Through talent, passion and intense dedication, Dennis Glennon has established himself as one of the most significant animal and nature photographers in America.  His original prints are now collected pieces of fine art; displayed proudly in homes and business across the country.  They are also being offered on Etsy!

Dennis Glennon
(c) Dennis Glennon Photography